Coastal vintage


When I bought this set of drawers (original picture of them below), I had a very set image in mind of how I was going to paint them; Annie Sloan Paris Grey and White trim, however after acquiring them and looking at them in my garage that image wasn’t fitting so I  stripped all the old varnish off to see what was underneath as they are apparently Rimu, one of New Zealand’s native timbers that will only become more scarce with time.


I don’t like painting all wood and feel it would have been nice to keep it natural but the timber underneath looked rough and after staining a drawer to see if it made any difference I decided it needed to be painted. I thought about Annie Sloan Graphite, but after painting some on the top I decided it was too dark and felt like the piece was telling me it wanted to be lighter, I kept getting images of the beach in my mind so toyed with the idea of white washing it. I began to paint the white on and then after a while begin to wipe it off and could see this was what I wanted to do. After white washing with pure white I added a wash of Paris Grey and liked the colour effect. I then dry brushed some Graphite onto the areas where I felt like it needed it to give a more natural look too.

I love the different colours washed into this piece as well as the natural timber peeping through. After I was happy with the look of the entire piece I clear waxed it. It wasn’t until going to paint the hardware that I noticed one wasn’t quite the same as the others (bottom left) this was going to bug me, so I tried to find one that matched the rest that turned out to be  near on impossible so I decided to order two new bale handles  for the 2 smaller drawers above and am very happy with how they compliment the other original ones.



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