Ava’s Dresser

Recently a good  friend honoured me with the request to paint a dresser for her daughter Ava’s 8th birthday. Of course I said yes and was excited with my first custom paint job. I was given free creativity with the exception of pink, as Ava does not like pink. The colour duck egg blue by Annie Sloan came to mind and upon inspecting her room and curtains that were going to be put in there, it was a perfect match.

My next job was to hit my painting forum and Pinterest for inspiration, after going back and forth to the dresser for a couple of days I had an idea of what I was going to do.

IMG_3858The dresser had beautiful hardware that could be accentuated by painting it in old white, I also wanted to give a contrast to the drawers from the rest of the piece so decided to paint the drawers in pure duck egg blue and the rest 50:50 duck egg blue and old white. there was also a dead space up the top with a wooden plank that at first I thought I may remove but then decided could be a feature with a beautiful stencil.

After removing the hardware and giving the dresser a could clean, I set to painting the base, after the first coat I noticed patches of the paint flaking off.


I have had this happen before and heard it can be due to an oily surface or a common culprit pledge that has been used to polish the piece, a quick fix is to paint some shellac over and repaint, this has worked for me before but unfortunately after a second coat, more patches appeared, I started to get frustrated and didn’t want to waste anymore paint so with my partner’s words ringing in my ears…’if you want to do a job properly you need to prep’ I set to sanding the entire side of it and then applied an undercoat just to be safe. It is said that you don’t need to prep or sand with Annie Sloan chalk paint and this was a big drawer card for me in choosing the paint to begin with, and yes it is true that while the paint can adhere to most surfaces there can be troubleshooting areas with bleed through and peeling, especially with older pieces of furniture so I have now decided on all custom pieces in the future I will heed my beloved partners words and prevent these time wasting problems by giving the piece a good sanding.

After my paint job was finished I looked for a suitable stencil and found a gorgeous one at http://printthistoday.com. I printed the stencil and by trial and error painstakingly adjusted the font to each drawer side and reprinted and then when happy I cut the stencil using out using a thick paper backing with my handy Fiskars 360 deg swivel craft knife.


After finding a short stubby paintbrush I began to stencil onto the drawers and backboard and was pretty pleased with the results, after waxing the piece and attaching the hardware I had painted in old white my vision was complete, I was anxious that Ava liked it and am pleased to report she loves it!













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